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Production process of silicone key ring introduced by silicone gift manufacturer

Time of publication: 2021-04-27 11:09:13 browse: times edit:Silicone products manufacturers

When it comes to this silicone key ring, it is one of the most popular products in Lishun because of its wide practicability. The cartoon silicone key ring is a silicone gift made of silicone through molding and vulcanization!
Silicone key chain manufacturer
silicone key chain
The silicone key ring produced by Lishun plastic needs to go through the following production processes!
1. Raw material configuration: including raw material weight ratio calculation, pigment color matching, raw rubber mixing, etc!
2. Vulcanization molding: high pressure vulcanization equipment is used to vulcanize the mold at high temperature!
3. Trimming: the silicone sleeve just taken out of the mold will have miscellaneous changes. Manually trim the miscellaneous edges to make the silicone sleeve more beautiful!
4. Spray hand feeling oil: touch the hand feeling oil on the mobile phone cover in need, which can make the surface of the silicone cover smooth and enhance the hand feeling, and the hand feeling oil can also prevent dust!
5. Then it is to print patterns on the silica gel cover, including silk screen printing, gutta percha, color printing and other processes, and print logo and other patterns for customers who have demand!
Silicone key ring gift market demand is very large, mainly plays a decorative key role, the above five points is in Lishun plastic silicone key ring detailed production process!

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