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What technology is the cartoon silica gel cup cover made

Time of publication: 2021-04-28 15:47:04 browse: times edit:Silicone products manufacturers

Silicone cup cover gift processed by silicone products manufacturers makes many consumers wonder, what technology is the silicone cup cover made? Is the environment of production clean? Is there any poison in the silica cup cover? What are the small problems that consumers don't know about the silicone cup cover? Facing these problems of silicone gift consumers, we will learn about the production process and basic common sense and problems of silicone products.
What technology is the cartoon silica gel cup cover made
First, the silica gel cup cover is made of food grade silica gel raw materials, so it is impossible to contaminate the raw materials. When making rubber, the staff must clean their hands before they can mix silica gel, so consumers can use it safely.
Secondly, during the molding process, our staff must clean the mould before pressing the die, otherwise the dirt on the mold will cause our products to be dirty in the production process, and once the dirty products are directly discarded, they will become bad products.
The waste raw materials of the manufacturer of Lishun silicone products cannot be recycled to produce silica gel products, but only can be used for some rubber products in the industry. Once the finished products are discarded, the secondary production materials that are recycled as rubber products can only be discarded.
Some consumers definitely think that the environment of the manufacturers in the silica gel industry must be bad, and they may feel that the production environment is very abusive, the smell of the workshop is very big, and the silicone plastic is different. Please feel relieved that we must clean up the workshop production environment of the silicone products manufacturers every day. If they do not clean them in time, It may cause our scrap to float on the mold and cause mold damage or bad products. Therefore, we will always pay attention to the clean edges of silicone gift manufacturers to avoid unnecessary losses!

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