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Customized production process of multi color integrated silicone coaster

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Now, silicone products are indispensable products in our life. Silicone products bring us convenience and pleasure. Because silicone products are close to people, consumers recognize silicone materials as green and environmentally friendly. Besides this advantage, silicone coasters have the same functionality and aesthetic feeling, so they are both functional and beautiful, Silicone coasters have a certain attraction.
Different processes and processing methods can be selected for the customized processing of silica gel coaster, such as gutta percha molding, molding, liquid molding, silica gel multi-color integrated molding, etc., but at present, gutta percha production process and molding process are commonly used, and different processes have different advantages, there are several kinds of specific!
Silicone coaster
Customized production of silicone coaster
1、 Liquid molding
Liquid forming process is very common for this kind of products. Its advantages are good handle, good resilience, soft hardness, high tensile and light transmittance of liquid rubber, and fast production efficiency. Generally, silicone coasters are often used.
2、 Processing technology of gutta percha pad
Silicone coaster adopts multi-color integrated molding, for the appearance of color and pattern of a class of table gasket can be selected, and its main advantage is to achieve multi-color integrated molding, to achieve three-dimensional, realistic effect, clear lines, product feel neat, the disadvantage is that the processing speed is slow, the product cost is high, and there will be cross color and dyeing.
3、 Molding
At present, many domestic silicone products manufacturers adopt the molding process, which can also produce multi-color silicone pad, and the efficiency and the number of mold holes have been significantly improved. The product cost is low, and the processing is simple. If you need to add patterns, you can also achieve the effect through printing. The disadvantage is that there is no three-dimensional sense, the product has a certain parting line, and the mold cost is high.
There are always advantages and disadvantages of using silica gel as coasters. In daily life, silica gel has many functions and adaptability. For example, silica gel coasters can be used normally at different temperatures, can continue to be used in dry and humid environments, and can continue to be used after long-term extrusion and stretching, so consumers can use them no matter where they are placed, The environment can be reused for a long time, but the disadvantage is man-made damage, such as sharp tool scratch or puncture, fire, strong alkali compound corrosion!

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