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Lishun silicone gift factory focuses on customized processing of PVC dolls

Time of publication: 2021-04-30 15:06:27 browse: times edit:Silicone products manufacturers

Because the processing method of PVC soft glue is simple and the cost of material and processing is relatively low, many industries now use PVC soft glue to produce products. PVC dolls are safe and non-toxic, flexible and elastic. Many stereoscopic dolls and cartoon Keyrings on the market are made of PVC soft glue. How to find a manufacturer for customized processing of PVC stereoscopic dolls, Looking for manufacturers who can customize PVC dolls, what should they pay attention to?
PVC stereo doll
Lishun silicone gift factory has more than ten years of PVC doll customization experience, PVC has been widely used in daily life, so, what is its attraction? Let's get to know.
1. Environmental protection and non-toxic: the main raw material used by PVC is PVC, which has been widely used in tableware, medical and other industries for a long time, so its environmental protection function does not need to be doubted and can be used safely.
2. Waterproof and moisture-proof: when people buy the floor, they will worry that the floor they buy doesn't have the function of waterproof and moisture-proof. However, PVC floor is only made of PVC, which doesn't absorb any moisture and is not afraid of any humid and leaky environment. It has the effect of waterproof and moisture-proof.
3, antibacterial, acid and alkali corrosion resistance: PVC has strong function, is not easy to breed bacteria, and will not react with acid and alkali chemicals, has a good antibacterial, acid and alkali corrosion resistance function.
4. Sound absorption: PVC has the sound absorption function that other floors don't have. Like wearing high-heeled shoes, the sound will be announced on the tile and wood floor, but it won't be announced in PVC, which can create a comfortable and quiet space for people.
5. Impact resistance: PVC has good elastic recovery function, so PVC also has super impact resistance.

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