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What is the effect of cartoon silicone mosquito repellent bracelet?

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Mosquitoes have always been hated by people because they can suck people's blood and make people feel itchy. Therefore, Lishun plastic has specially developed a cartoon silicone mosquito repellent bracelet, which uses plant mosquito repellent essential oil and has a good repellent effect on mosquitoes.
Cartoon mosquito repellent bracelet, silicone mosquito repellent Bracelet
Principle of mosquito repellent Bracelet: natural essential oils, such as citronella essential oil, lemon eucalyptus essential oil and lavender essential oil, are added into PVC soft glue to achieve the purpose of mosquito repellent. The mosquito repellent bracelet is mainly made of pure natural citronella essential oil with strong smell. Citronella is a kind of insect repellent herb, which can repel mosquitoes. If the mosquito repellent bracelet is really made of pure natural citronella oil without adding any other products, it tastes moderate and has good mosquito repellent effect. So, generally speaking, mosquito repellent bracelet has a certain effect, but it can not completely avoid mosquitoes.
Effective mosquito repellent methods
1. Mosquito nets and screens prevent mosquitoes from entering the room. It is recommended to use mosquito nets when sleeping. Mosquito net can not only avoid mosquitoes but also prevent wind, but also absorb falling dust and filter air, especially suitable for children. The orange light bulb is installed in the room and covered with transparent orange cellophane. The mosquito is afraid of the orange light and will flee as soon as it is turned on.
2. Eat garlic raw and take vitamins orally. After the human body's physiological metabolism, the sweat is discharged from the body, which will produce a smell that mosquitoes dare not approach. Put a few boxes of uncovering cool oil and essential balm indoors. These are not like the smell of mosquitoes, smell will avoid. When you are outdoors, you can put some on your skin, and the effect is good.

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