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Process flow of customized processing of silicone Wallet

Time of publication: 2021-04-28 15:49:51 browse: times edit:Silicone products manufacturers

Due to the diversification of silica gel processing technology, many customers can not judge which processing technology is more suitable for silica gel wallet. The following are several different processing methods explained by silica gel wallet manufacturers.
Process flow of customized processing of silicone Wallet
In the early stage of the customization of the silicone wallet, it is necessary to select the process according to the appearance and structure of the product. At present, the majority of the products are molded by silicone molding, gutta percha injection molding and other integrated processing. However, different materials and silicone integration are inevitable. The main material of the silicone wallet is silicone, Therefore, the process of silicone wallet cannot be separated from high temperature molding.
At present, silicone wallet manufacturers mainly open the mold to customize the shape of the silicone wallet, put the silicone raw materials into the mold, and solidify the mold cavity at high temperature. First, other colors on the surface are solidified, and then put into the main body of the zero wallet. After high temperature integration, the desired effect can be achieved.
The second is the gutta percha process of the surface pattern of the silicone wallet. For the silicone wallet, the gutta percha process is more difficult. Because the gutta percha process has limitations on the structure of the silicone wallet, the products with large concave convex structure can not be molded, so the multi-color flat surface can be molded by gutta percha when forming the silicone wallet, and the color K can be placed by the molding process to improve the efficiency of manual placement.

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