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How to judge whether silicone cartoon key ring manufacturer is professional?

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The material for making cartoon Keychain is usually PVC soft glue or silica gel. The silicone cartoon doll Keychain is exquisite, small and changeable. It is a daily thing that people can carry with them every day. There are many manufacturers of silicone keychain and PVC Keychain on the market. If we judge whether the keychain manufacturer is professional or not? How can we find a suitable PVC Key Ring manufacturer?
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1. PVC soft rubber key ring can be molded strongly, and can be customized according to the size and shape you want. The mold opening fee is generally not too expensive, but the color is easy to become dull.
1. Silicone key chain, strong shaping, can be customized according to the size and shape you want, mold opening cost is slightly more expensive than PVC soft glue, with the advantages of more environmental protection.
It's very important to choose the right key ring manufacturer according to your own needs. It's not that expensive products are good. Sometimes the customer's requirements are not so difficult. According to the higher demand of foreign quality, it's impossible to implement production at all.
1. Find out what kind of products customers want to make, such as PVC keychain, single-sided, double-sided, color printing, silk screen printing and so on! Not all process factories can produce, and sometimes it depends on the conditions of surrounding supporting suppliers.
2. Depending on the specific cost requirements of PVC Key chain, sometimes the cost of customized products has a budget. If the price is about 1 yuan, we will try our best to recommend the method to the customers according to the process that can be realized by this unit price.
3. According to the quality requirements of customers' products, some of them may use ordinary PVC materials in order to save costs, which is also called non environmental protection raw materials, but at present we only make environmental protection materials. So our positioning is to do mid-range products.
4. According to the assembly and packaging requirements of customers, some promotional gifts given by customers are often used in the accessories market to control the cost as much as possible. There is also the concept of giving away and sales is different, often in the market retail products need a little high-end packaging.

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