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The processing of customized silica gel products needs to pay attention to quality control

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The uneven quality of silicone products sold in the market can not be completely attributed to the production process and raw materials. If the steel can be used well in the mold, it can be regarded as saving money. Many customers complain that the silicone products are not beautiful enough, that the quality of silicone products is poor, and that the production capacity of silicone manufacturers is low, In addition, silicone manufacturers need to pay attention to quality control when processing customized silicone products.
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In the molding process of silica gel products, silica gel products are pressed and extruded by molding hydraulic press or injection molding machine. In the process of extrusion, the quality of the mold determines the structure and quality of the products. Therefore, the difference between a good steel and ordinary steel will also be reflected at this time, but the product is also very important for the mold, Want to know the steel selection of large products and general products!
Various die steels are related to the appearance of different silica gel products. For example, if large-size products are made of ordinary domestic steel, the self dismantling edge will become rough after long-term use, the initial shape of the die will be deformed, and the die will be deflected. However, high-quality steel can obtain high hardness surface structure after quenching and nitriding, and the hardness of self dismantling edge can reach 650-700 HV after nitriding, As with self disassembly, long-term pressing can also ensure that the self disassembly angle is not damaged, and can maintain product quality and die life!
At present, the commonly used steels in China mainly include S50C (ordinary domestic steel), 45 (ordinary domestic steel), P20 (high hardness and high quality steel), 718S (high quality imported steel), S136 (high precision steel), ak80 (high precision imported steel), etc. different steels are selected for different products, such as product structure, product size and function, etc.
Therefore, for those who need customized processing of silica gel products, if you have a large order volume of silica gel products, you need to press the mold for many times. If you want to ensure the quality of silica gel products, it is recommended to pay attention to the steel of the mold. The high price of silica gel mold naturally has a certain reason!

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